BM # 68

Week 3, Day 10
Theme : One Category – Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme – Sandwich Platters
Pav Bhaji is a popular Maharashtrian street food, but it is very popular as dinner in most houses . It is one of my favorite meals too, gets done in a jiffy, no rotis to make and no rice either. Simple ! Right ? Now whenever I make this Bhaji for dinner, it is a rule that I make extra because if not any one else, at least Juhi and I must eat a Pav bhaji Toastie for breakfast. While making the Bhaji I like to make fresh Lassan ki Chutney, which itself is so so delicious over a slice of bread. Raw mango is of course seasonal, and enhances the taste of this Toastie but definitely one can do without it in winters when this is not available.Onion and cucumber give it a mild crunch.
So should we get on to the Pav Bhaji Toastie.
This is my third toastie from the platter of Toasties with Left Overs for Cooking Carnival.
The other toasties in this series are –

Pav Bhaji Toastie


Raw mango
Coriander leaves


Apply butter to both the slices for sandwich.
Now spread a good layer of the lassan ki chutney on the butter.
Place a heaped spoon of the ready Bhaji on the bread.
Sprinkle chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, raw mango and coriander leaves.
Sprinkle some salt.
Bring together the other slice to make the sandwich.
Toast it in a grill toaster till nice and crisp.
I love creating different dishes with Pav Bhaji, check out !

Pav Bhaji Toastie

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