2018 ! It’s over , yes the year has flown by , like every year I feel oh so fast ! So before I start on my rant let me wish you all.

A Very Very Happy and Healthy New Year !


To be happy is very important , but one needs to be healthy to full fill this happiness , right ? So loads and loads of positive vibes coming your way !

The year 2018 has lot of mixed feelings , some happy and some sad , but we shall begin with a happy note , burying the sadness and understanding and respecting God’s ways of Life .

Like every year I have worked for the regular BM’s , but it’s the Mega Marathon that pull me and are close to my heart . The minute the marathons are announced I start my list and start working on them . This April I opted for my favourite theme Street Food , though we had a couple of more themes . I have a big section of Street Foods , this Marathon added on to the list . I explored many new street foods , and now I have another long list of these , some bookmarks and some more that I have discovered . Can you believe I am all ready to take up another challenge of a Street Food Marathon !


It has been a while since I have been blogging now, this year I was awarded The Top 10 Versatile Blogger’s Award. It is something that made me very happy and I have displayed the award on the side bar of the blog. On receiving the award, I was flooded with wishes, which are a true treasure for me.

The next Mega Marathon is always in September , this year’s theme It was breads! From among the three bread related themes I picked Indian breads . I am truly surprised at the immense treasure of breads our country has . The Flatbreads and More was a theme with A to Z clause . It was interesting to work around these breads where I tried to make some traditional breads. I served these with different Curries and accompaniments and tried to make respective Thalis . Thalis , which you all know is my passion .


After the Marathon the next couple of months have been sad months for me , but like I said I want to bury sadness and remain happy . We need to move on !


December is the annual baking month and every year we have the event Bakeathon . I had no intentions of participating , as I was in my shell . I got a push from my children and I decided to check my drafts ! Can you believe all 13 posts were in my drafts ? And fortunately I posted a theme every week !

At home front , I am happy for my nephew who got married a few days back . The wedding was in Orlando and due to health reasons I couldn’t attend it , but my hubby and cousins made a special effort and I could watch the festivities live . It gave immense happiness to be a part of it .

With all these happy thoughts , I have one more happiness to share , something that I am looking forward to . Any guesses ?
Yes it’s our BM # 100 Meet this year July 2019 , and I am looking forward to meeting some new faces – yes faces ! Hearts we have already seen !

So with loads to look forward I say bye to 2018, and welcome the New Year !

And before I end I have one most important person to thank – Yes you guessed right Srivalli who is the backbone of my blogging .

Once again a very Happy & Healthy New Year !

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  1. Hugs to you Vaishali. This is such a wonderful post to read and I am so glad you make an effort to come out of all sad things and be so positive. Thank you for always pushing me to think far and above.

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