Welcome to Biryani, Pualo , Khichadi Festival !

Mega Marathon ! The word itself brings in a sense of happiness , excitement and joy to me . It has been a while since our group at Blogging Marathon has been doing these Mega Marathons under the leadership of our dear friend Srivalli .

For those of you who are new to these let me give you a brief explanation on these . We are a group of bloggers who blog under a theme for one complete month , keeping our Sunday’s off . The themes are decided in advance hence giving us ample time to be prepared , though some enjoy the thrill of cooking , clicking and posting on the very day ! Everyone has their own way of working , but I am one of those who plans and finish the marathon before it begins . This helps me to sit back and enjoy the fellow bloggers posts .

Here are some of the previous Mega Marathons that we have worked on .
Marathons we have done .

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This April our theme is Biryani , Pulao , Khichadi Festival . We can use different grains for these or cook just with one grain , absolutely no clauses .

I have decided to use Rice as the star grain in this marathon . Rice is one grain which is my favourite , easily available , and at the same time has enormous variations . For the first time in my Mega Marathon experience , I was confused . I decided on 26 Biryanis , then realized I had many of these , so finalized a list of 26 Khichadis . I soon gave up that too as none of my friends wanted me to cook 26 khichadis ! They thought it would be too monotonous . I thought of gluten free grains , but somehow this didn’t seem like my forte . Finally I decided on weekly themes using Rice as the main ingredient .

So here I am with a weekly theme where in the first week I shall share Techniques to cook rice . There are various types of rice and they all need a special way to cook so that they can be used in a particular recipe . These will be just the basic recipes . In the later weeks I shall use these cooking methods to make tasteful rice . In short I will be working on The Three “T’s” . Type , Technique and Taste !

Week 1 Basic Cooking Methods of Rice
Week 2 Biryanis and Pulaos .
Week 3 Khichadis and Rice served with a Twist
Week 4 Rice from Overseas .
Week 5 Sweet Rice
( This September we have two days in Week 5 )

So gear up and get ready to enjoy 26 recipes with Rice all through April .


Welcome to Biryani, Pualo , Khichadi Festival !

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