BM # 68

Day : 30
Theme : One Category – Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme – Fun with Sandwiches
This complete month of September I have been making Sandwiches for Cooking Carnival. I posted different themes for different weeks. Today is the last day of this marathon and this week I have made creative sandwiches , but for for today there is no sandwich recipe. I have made sandwich bags to pack sandwiches for your kids .
Our mornings are always busy, we are forever running and naturally it is difficult to pack crafted sandwiches. So here is a super quick way to get creative and add a fun element to your sandwich. I am sure the kids will love it and eat their sandwich happily. Well those of you who can spare time , just pack the sandwich and quickly doodle up or may be write something which would make the kiddo happy.
For those of you who need to be pulled out of bed can make these bags in their free time, while the kiddos are at school. Keep them ready and use them on special occasions . They are easy and will make anyone happy. You could even make a couple of them and pack them as gifts . If you are packing for your hubby perhaps you could write a naughty note . You just need to use your imagination.
I made kids favorite characters. There is a Olaf, there is Mc Queen racer car, for girls  Elsa and a Princess Crown. Lastly I drew a cheese slice. You could draw your favorite characters or simply doodle what you like.
This has been one interesting month , and I must thank Valli for such a wonderful theme where we could present our passion.
A big thanks to my family, co bloggers, my viewers who have constantly encouraged me. There will be a recap of these sandwiches , so do come back to check if you have missed something.

How to Doodle your Sandwich Bags

16 thoughts on “How to Doodle your Sandwich Bags”

  1. Lovely idea to doodle the bags ; although I can't sketch To save my life , my elder one will be quite keen to do some of these – a good vacation pastime 🙂

    Loved ur Sandwich series,Vaishali although must say i am partial to ur last week of fun sandwiches :)) still thinkinng of the minions and traffic light versions ! Great show

  2. That is a very fun and cool idea for those with little ones. Kids would be amazed and thrilled when they open their lunch bags to find one of these doodled sandwich bags, I bet.

  3. Wonderful idea to doodle the sandwich bags .Loved your sandwich series though I am yet to comment on most of them but still I know you did a marvelous job.Kudos

  4. Wow what a fantastic way to end the series..I simply enjoyed it so much..its been a real treat..Never knew one can come up with one theme so many ways and on top you made so many dishes..Hats off to your efforts and dedication! always inspire so much.

  5. OMG! They are just adorable Vaishali! I am going to have a pack of bags ready for this summer, so my boys could doodle on them and then carry sandwiches through the year. Lovely end to the marathon!

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