BM # 27 Day 26

Crafts: Food Craft with Fruit Lollies

We are in the last week of this month’s long marathon.Today is the 26th day and the date is 26th April , a very special day.It is my grand daughter’s birthday who has turned 6 today.I had planned a craft , but I decided to do a food craft, which my little Kaira would love as a virtual treat from her naani. 
Happy Birthday Kaira !

Have fun on your birthday and enjoy these Fruit Lollies!! 

God Bless !!!

Now a little about Kaira.

Living in Japan she has started resembling the Japanese. She is very loving and affectionate and does not waste time in expressing her thoughts.This is how she talks…a little in her Japanese accent….

Wow!  what a beautiful dress!    you look beautiful naani!

Naani, I love you soo much, I don’t want to go back, but then who will take care of muma…

I am waiting for her comments on these Fruit Lollies..I will surely up date this post after she gives them!!

Anyway here is how I made these..
Strawberries, sliced
Kiwi, peel and cut circles
Black grapes
Mango,peeled and sliced
Take your lolly moulds.
Arrange the fruits in the order you like, I put a kiwi first, then placed a strawberry slice.put some mini grapes and a slice of mango.
Pour sprite or lemonade or any clear drink.
Insert the stick.
Freeze overnight.
De mould and serve. 

Happy Birthday with Fruit Lolly Craft

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday with Fruit Lolly Craft”

  1. Wish Kaira from my side and I am 100% sure she is going to be delighted at getting these :-).

    These look super cute, are very novel and so easy to put together! A winner in all possibl e ways 🙂

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