BM # 27   Day 28
Crafts: Packing in Tins

While flying by Indigo , I enjoy eating their cookies which are packed in pretty little tins. I love these tins more than the cookies….love to collect these little bits. These tins are ideal to pack cookies or chocolates.Well you could even put some pins and clips .I have decorated these with net fabric and  ribbons .


What you need

Cookie tins
Some lace scrap
Broad ribbons
Some bling, stone or bead…anything to highlight

How to go about

Cut the scrap into a broad strip.
Take the strip and place the tin in the centre.
Bring the two ends upto tie a knot.
Trim away the excess scrap , leaving some to dangle down.
Half the tin covers with this.
Now take a broad ribbon and bring the ends up again tying a knot at the top.
Trim the edges in the similar fashion.
Add a bling on top.
If you do not have any scraps, use ribbons.
You can use different types of ribbons or strings or even raffia to tie the tins, they can be used individually or all together too to give a layered effect.

Decorating Cookie Tins

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