BM # 68
Day : 23
Theme : One Category – Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme – Fun with Sandwiches

Tom and Jerry has forever been my favorite cartoon, with time new characters have been launched , some how I have never shown interest in any. My little grand daughter is fond of Peppa Pig and the rest of the grand kids love Minion. Trust me these kids were the ones who told me about this character. It was on our trip to Singapore and specially to Universal Studios that these kids wanted to buy everything related to Minion. Water bottles, key tags,lunch boxes, bags , you name it and it had to be a Minion.The trip got over and we all are back to our own houses but the kids carried back Minions and Minions.

Now who are Minions?
Minions are small yellow creatures featured in the films Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. They are shaped like tablets and can have either one or two eyes and three fingers. Now what is Minion doing in our Cooking Carnival ? Well the little kids are not around me but I felt like making these Minion Sandwiches and Bananas for my sweethearts. This post is for all the rock stars who love Minions.
For a long time these Minions haunted me..truly, I kept changing my mind with their shape, Should I make round ? No, not this , that ! But when I sat down to make them I just went on, did not stop once to think , I even used the side bits to make the mini ones. I was quite pleased with these cute characters.

I was not very happy with Minion Bananas. I made them in the morning and clicked pics in the afternoon. Ideally an hour of carving gives you a very nice brown color. This is way too dark, but I did not have any more of these mini bananas, (which are a rare sight here in Ahemadabad ), and by the way Bananas are a favorite with Minions.
Minion Sandwiches 


Cheese slice ( I used Britannia, as it has a yellow tinge )
Cottage cheese
Chocolate slice
Chocolate chips 


Trim the edges of the bread.
Cut in the required shape.
Place the cheese slice.
Trim along the shape with sharp scissors.
Cut a thin strip of chocolate slice or fruit slice and use as belt.
The eye has been made with cottage cheese and chocolate chips.
The mouth with chocolate slice, which has been cut into that shape.
Chocolate vermicelli has been used for hair.
For the Minion Bananas, use a toothpick to carve out. Initially you shall not get the result, but as time will pass the color shall become dark. Ideally after carving a banana you would get a lovely color within 30-40 minutes, but if you feel it is light then wait for it to get deep.
You could use some sharp edged tools too to create pattern. I have used a piping nozzle to make the eyeballs.

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Minion Sandwiches

19 thoughts on “Minion Sandwiches”

  1. Omg !!!!! I kept scrolling up N down at 1am to check if these r real !! My kids n husband simply ADORE minions n it's rubbed off on me as well … definitely bookmarking these to carve on some calm day (or maybe night :D) … soooper ????? ! As they say in minionese , "maatoka" ( I am hungry :)))

  2. Tell me about minions!! My three year old nephew wants minion t-shrits! Minion sandwiches have come so cute. I am forwarding this link to my SIL.

  3. Omg, this looks absolutely cute, and MInion is everywhere here too and i can see my kindergarden students everyday with Minion t shirt or shoes, am sure this is one of the super best sandwich to make some soon.

  4. I didn't know what minions were in the cartoon world until I showed this post to my daughter and she got excited all over your sandwiches even though she is a teenager. She was like getting hungry looking at these sandwiches and that is the greatest compliment you can receive from a person who is never hungry at any given time. :))
    She was getting late to school in the morning but didn't leave until she checked your kid friendly sandwiches. She was intrigued about the doodling of the sandwich bags too.

  5. Wow even now I don't know what minion is even though I have cartoon watching kids at home..will check it out. However your creation is simply stunning..and I remember your love for bananas..:)

  6. Your sancwiches are going to feature in one birthday girls tiffin. Actually my colleague's daughters are crazy about minions. So when this sandwich showed up in FB feed how could I not share it with her?

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