When Valli announced The Indian Cooking Challenge ,as always I was excited to try. A traditional sweet from Orrisa ,Chenna Poda was totally new to me.While reading the recipe I wondered how this would taste..caramel blending with paneer.I did not waste any time..and made it right away.Would have loved to click step by step pics as always but this time …well life is on a run!!

Getting on to the recipe….
250 gms………. freshly made paneer
¾ cup………….. sugar
½ cup………….. raisins ,almonds ,cashews
¼ tsp…………… cardamom pwd
1tsp…………….. sooji soaked in2tsp water
Sugar for caramel
Mash paneer thoroughly.
Add sugar,sooji and nuts.
Mix well.
Take a baking tin.
Sprinkle sugar.
Heat on slow fire till sugar melts and  turns golden.
Pour the paneer mix on the tin.
Cover with a foil paper.
Bake at 180deg for 20-25 mins.
Insert a stick and check if done.
The stick should come out clean.
Cool and refrigerate for at least 2hours before serving.
Demould  and serve.
Keeps good for a week in refrigerator.

I baked the Chenna Poda,but it was quite late and so decided to click next day.Unfortunately the next day was so hectic that I got home too late and tiered,so it lay in the frig untouched .The third day I carried my camera ,plates and the sweet along with me and clicked at my daughter’s place which we are trying to do up!!Finally the photo shoot was done and the sweet was tasted!!..The first one to taste was my little grandson..and trust me he would not leave the bowl.more!..is all he went on saying.About the rest of the family…..absolutely a smashing hit !! Infact I am thinking of this as my Diwali sweet for friends and family !!Thanks a ton Valli..this one is too good !!

This goes to Vardhini’s Bake Fest at Sumee’sCulinary Bites

Chenna Poda

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  1. Vaishali, thxn for linking up. It's correctly linked up. I have prbly had this sweet, but loved the look for it. Hearing your verdict I want to try this. My kids love paneer, am sure they might dig into this.

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