BM # 57

Week : 2 , Day: 1
Theme: Flat Breads and Pancakes
State : Uttarkhand

We are working on Flat breads and pancakes this week and for today I have Chol Roti.
Chol Roti is a flat bread from Uttarkhand. Actually I would call it pancake, even though the name says roti. We need to make a batter with wheat flour, instead of making dough. While we were in Mussoorie, Chef Vireder treated us to these rotis. On tasting them I felt they belonged to a Sindhi Cuisine. Yes we have the same roti which is called Chilla, since it is made from wheat flour it is called Aate jo Chillo. aato is wheat flour, and Chillo is pancake in Sindhi. Surprisingly, there is so much similarity in most cuisines, the difference is only of names.
The dough for Chol Roti is made with whole wheat flour and finely chopped spring onions, green chilly and mint leaves are added. One does not need to ferment this batter.
Chol Roti

Recipe Source : Chef Vireder
Makes ;2-3  Pancakes


1 cup wheat flour
2 green chilly, finely chopped
1 stem spring onion, finely chopped
Few mint leaves finely chopped
Salt to taste
Water to make dough


In a mixing bowl, add flour and rest of the ingredients.
Mix well.
Gradually add water and go on mixing to make a smooth batter.
The batter consistency should be like a pancake.
Heat a griddle and smear it with oil.
Take a small ladle ful of this batter.
Pour the batter, rotating gently in circular motion to get the desired size of the roti.
Simmer the gas and let cook.
Flip over after the first side is done.
Drizzle oil and cook the other side.
Serve with side dishes or chutney or even as it is .
I served this as a bread for Uttarkhand Thali with Buffet on the Table.

Chol Roti from Uttarkhand

11 thoughts on “Chol Roti from Uttarkhand”

  1. Its surprising how so many recipes were developed at the same time in different places. The names might be different, but the base recipe will be the same. In South this would be gothumai dosa, a slightly thicker version of the usual thin pancake.

    The spread looks absolutely divine, btw!

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