26 Thali Recipes | A- Z Thali Recipes

26 Thali Recipes | A- Z Thali Recipes are recipes posted in alphabetical order from the Thali’s and Spreads of different cuisines.

What is A to Z Series ?

A to Z Series is a series where the Blogging Marathon group decides on a theme. The theme is an individual choice. Last year I picked One State and Three Dishes, and this year Thali Recipes and next year I shall pick…sh !!..I cannot disclose now. Wait till March. We post three recipes every month, beginning March. So for March, we will post with the alphabets A, B and C. The following month it will be D, E and F, and so on. We end the series in November, with a roundup.

What are Thali Recipes?

Last year we bloggers worked under the theme Thali and Platter Festival. Thali is one of my favourite themes and I enjoy cooking a spread especially traditional. When you make a Thali, the dishes have to complement each other. There are some set combinations and so naturally it becomes a big spread. Since I post one recipe per post, I land up with a big draft section and the A to Z series is the perfect platform to post these recipes from various cuisines.

Why Thali Recipes ?

A Thali makes for the perfect assortment of delicious regional dishes on a single plate and hence you will get different flavours, sweet, salty, sour and at times bitter. Since you have a big variety, you can pick what you want.

India is a diverse country and each state has its special regional cuisine. Every state has its own take on a Thali, so you can explore different cuisines at one stop. Thali Recipes will give you a burst of flavours.

The A to Z Thali recipes is from different cuisines and different courses. As a result, we have a big variety of recipes. In this series, I have posted Drinks, like Limbaca Sarbat, Watermelon Mojito. Fried Snacks like Bhavnagri Mirch ke Bhajiye, Xtra Spicy Mirch ke Pakode, Navtad na Samosa, and many more. For the calorie, cautious there is a long list of Steamed Snacks. I have also posted Main Course Dishes, Side Dishes, Condiments and Desserts. 26 Thali Recipes is just a number, but if you check on the individual Thalis you will see more than 150 recipes! A few alphabets like Q, X and Z are always hard to crack, but my Bahubali Pakora Platter covered up many alphabets. You can call this series an ultimate stop for a variety in cuisine and course.

Almond Stuffed Dates
Almond  Stuffed Dates are dates that have been stuffed with almond paste and garnished with candied peel, they are protein-rich.
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Bhavnagri Mirch ke Bhajiye
Bhavnagri Mirchi ke Bhajiye is a batter fried fritter made with special green chillies which are famous as Bhavnagri Mirchi. They are stuffed with a typical Gujarati Farsaan.
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Chakundar ka Bharta 
Chakundar ka Bharta is a unique and delicious side dish with beetroot, onions and tomatoes all mashed and seasoned with herbs and spices.
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Dal Bhindi
Dal Bhindi is a side dish made with Okra and dal. The dish is very unique with a protein punch. It pairs well with chapati or paratha. 
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Elaichi Kesar China Grass
Elaichi Kesar China Grass is a milk-based vegetarian pudding made with agar agar and flavoured with cardamom and saffron.
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Fruit Payasam
Fruit Payasam is delicious kheer from the Chettinad region of South India. The kheer is creamy, fruity and enriched with nuts.
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Gatta Capsicum
Gatta Capsicum is a Rajasthani side dish made with Gattas, the famous chickpea rolls and capsicum. This makes an excellent side dish.
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Harbharyachi Usal
Harabharyachi Usal is a Maharashtrian dish made with garbanzo beans, these beans could be either green or brown.
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Imli ki Khatti Meethi Chutney
Imli ki Khatti Meethi Chutney is a finger-licking sweet and sour tamarind chutney used for Indian chats.
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Janta Roti
Janta Roti is a flatbread from the state of Odhisa. It is made with precooked flour which results in a soft melt in the mouth roti.
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Karela Sindhi Style
Karela Sindhi Style is stuffed bitter gourds which are typically made in Sindhi homes, stuffed with onions and garlic they taste delicious.
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Limbu Sarbat | Limbaca Sarbat
Limbu Sarbat is a refreshing drink made with lemon juice, sugar and water. It is the best summer drink that energizes you instantly.
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Makhana Mithadi
Makhana Mithadi is a traditional sweet from the state of Himachal Pradesh. The syrup-based sweet is made with fox nuts and dried fruits and nuts.
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Navtad na Samosa
Navtad na Samosa are popular samosas made from a strip or patti. The stuffed pastry is crisp and crunchy with different stuffings and can be fried or baked.
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Onion Raita
Onion Raita is one of the most simple raitas made in Indian cuisine. The creamy yoghurt has a crunch of onion and zing of the green chilly.
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Peerkangai Kootu
Peerkangai Kootu is a delicious South Indian curry made with a combination of ridge gourd and lentils, which makes a wonderful side dish.
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Qeema Tikki
qeema tikki are a protein packed snack made with soya granules.
Royal Kulfi Falooda
Royal Falooda, true to its name is a royal dessert made with ice cream, vermicelli, basil seeds and nuts. It is laced with rose syrup.
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Sobji Diye Moong Dal
Sobji Diye Mung Dal is a Bengali style lentil cooked with winter vegetables . The protein packed dal is comforting yet special .
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Takey Paise
Takey Paise are cooked gram flour dumplings, which are added to a spicy yogurt gravy. The delicious curry is from Uttar Pradesh.
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Uchche Bhaja / Bitter Gourd Fries
Uchche Bhaja is bitter gourd fries from a Bengali Kitchen . These are a delicacy of Bengali's, even though it is bitter.
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Vendaikkai Mandi | Chettinad Okra Curry
Vendaikki Mandi is a special curry from the Chettinad region. The curry is tangy and is generally served for wedding Spreads.
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Watermelon Mojito
Watermelon Mojito is a perfect summer drink that can be put together in just 5 minutes. It is cool and refreshing which gives instant energy.
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Mirch ke Pakode
Xtra Spicy Mirch ke Pakode is a spicy batter fried fritter made with green chillies. This pakoda has a special zing which is amazing.
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Yoghurt Cheese Balls | Labneh Balls
Yoghurt Cheese Balls | Labneh Balls is a creamy and delicious cheese made with Yoghurt. It is one of the easiest and simplest cheeses that can be made with one basic ingredient.
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Zunka | Spicy Gram Flour
Zunka | Spicy Gram Flour is a traditional Maharashtrian side dish made with Besan. It is a moist but dry version of Pitla.
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  1. I have enjoyed your thaali series immensely and glad that you have been able to cover some of those dishes here. A lovely array of delicious dishes from around the country.

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